Claire M Norman

Holistic Wedding Business Coach and Strategist

Helping women turn their small wedding idea into a business they love and that brings them abundance and freedom…


Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen more and more Wedding Businesses collapsing and the whole nature of marketing and getting new business is changing and getting more confusing

Are you experiencing these things yourself?…

  • You’re attending wedding fairs each week but not getting the brides to buy
  • You’re ‘doing all the right things’ – but still not getting the consistent, paying business you want finding it harder to get commitment from brides more and more
  • People telling you ‘I can’t afford it’
  • You get great testimonials, but STILL don’t have enough clients
  • Your cash flow is hard to manage due to constant peaks and troughs
  • You see other people with inferior products and better sales and think… ‘What am I doing wrong?’

Sound familiar?
Well you are not alone. And I know you are wondering… What works? What doesn’t work? What should you do now? What should you stop doing? What do you need to KNOW right now to change all this?  Well I’m here to help you…


I see many talented and creative people – with valuable products and  skills to offer potential brides – working harder than ever, yet still struggling to get all the clients they need. I am on a mission to change that…

Claire x

 How I Can Help You..

I’ve put together a range of ways to enable you to work with me depending on how quickly you want to transform your business and how much time you have to get the work done… 

So far, I have some great new ideas which I want to work on. It is so lovely to talk to someone about my business and get a valuable opinion and ideas from someone who knows what they are talking about and can put it into my business personally. Claires humour and attitude make the work fun as well as really profitable!

Jenni - Bespoke Jewellery

We are much more proactive with potential clients and more confident about pursuing leads for bookings and we can now pick and choose our clients. Biggest thing Claire has helped with is not to shy away and to be confident in my skills and business.

Kerry - Events Planner

I now have far greater traffic to my website and other related sites and more conversion to new clients. Claire has given me far more confidence and marketing know-how, I feel Claire is giving me the ability to continue pushing my business forward to something that brings me a great income

Kim - Stationery Business Owner



How Can You Make Really Easy Sales?

Its a well-known fact that in order to do business with someone we have to Like, Know and Trust the person/company. We do this on websites by looking around the website and liking the way it looks but for lots of purchases we actually like to build rapport with a...

Are you Sales Stop and Start ?

  If there’s one thing I get asked more than anything else its ‘How can I get more clients’ or ‘How can I get more sales’ Trust me, if I had a magic wand that I could wave to solve this problem then I’d probably be writing this blog from my million pound yacht...

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